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Learning the Basics of Photography with Pixel Pro

I don't blog an entry without at least one photo. Yep, I find a post without photo very boring and less attractive. So it is really a must to every blogger to have a digital camera. No matter if we are a travel, food, entertainment or even a personal blogger, we must face the fact that we need a digital camera to capture images that will greatly amplify our blog posts.

Yes we can just point, shoot and capture images but it is better if we apply basic photography techniques to make this shots presentable.

This is what Pixel Pro just shared to us last three months ago. March 21, 2009 to be exact at Dencio's Grill and Restaurant in Greenhills. Pixel Pro invited a professional photographer on the persona of Mr. Mike Mariano.

Other than being a Photographer, Mike Mariano is also a multimedia designer which is a complete proof of being an authentic photography authority. He tried not to be so technical though he did share some basic technical aspects of Photography and unit calibration to maximize our shooting experience.

After the brief lecture, he then demonstrate shooting some photos of food and letting us try the techniques he thought earlier.

The session didn't last so long but I'm very sure that I learned so many things about my camera and about photography itself.

I'm very thankful to Pixel pro for the very educational event they organized. All of us indeed learned so many things. To those who needs photography supplies from cameras (point and shoot to SLRs), tripods, camera bags, batteries, SD cards etc. visit Pixel Pro's shop at V-359 3rd Floor, V-Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan. You can also call telephone numbers (632) 726 9387, 584 5356 or email them at pixelproinc@yahoo.com.

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