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The Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal Experience

At last, after several runs that I missed I finally got the chance to witness Carlo Vergara's comic creation to be translated to a musical extravaganza. Last March 7, as every roads leads to SM Mall of Asia for the Eheads Final Set Concert, I took the road less traveled to CCP Complex for the the 6th run of Zsazsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal. Before going to the show I meet up with Carlo first in the souvenirs shop and greeted him. Then I rushed to the Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino for the show.

Ada (Tuxqs Rutaquio) is a Gay Beautician in a Barrio somewhere in the Philippines. Together with his friend Didi (Joey Paras), they run a small Beauty Parlor that services all of their towns folks. Ada is known for his skills in cosmetics and hairdressing that is why he is very famous among the people. But one day Ada began feeling very drained and burned out of his redundant gay life. She is lonely most of the time and began thriving on his past heartaches. But not until the day he found the rock. The rock that will change his life forever.

First of all, they are right that the stage Musical is better than the Movie in terms of the Musical aspects. The movie off course is more visually oriented because of the special fx. But the stage musical brings out the Satirical face of Zsazsa Zaturnnah. The stage version is funnier maybe because of the no holds bar gay humor. Everyone of us are left laughing out loud inside CCP. The movie is so tamed that it lost the essence of the book.

Tuxqs Rutaquio is one great stage actor also paired to his artistic taste when it comes to set design. The colorful and vibrant set clearly embodied the show's gay essence on freedom and Beauty. Eula Valdez completely stripped of her mainstream TV and Movie persona and transformed in to a completely new breed of performer. I also want to give praise to Vincent De Jesus for creating such excellent piece of music. I just didn't got the chance to meet you last March but next time I would be happy to meet you and let you sign my copy of the soundtrack. I will be giving the special mention to Joey Paras who gave me stomach ache that night for making me laugh all the time. His comedic timing is unbelievable. Absolutely no dull moment. Red Anderson also acts well and he indeed have a good singing voice.

The musical is a complete laugh trip. But if you are one of those who are easily offended with gay humor then this musical is not for you. Zsazsa Zaturnnah is for matured people only and for those who are not narrow minded.

Looking forward for another run. And promise, I will not be late this time hahahaha.

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aeirin said...

waaah SI Tuxqs ba un. pumayat yta sya...

Joriben Zaballa said...

uu siya yan.

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