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High School Musical 3: Farewell to Seniors

It was the last year of East High Senior Wildcats and the pressure to win the Championship continues to grow on the chest of the team's captain Troy Bolton (Zac Efron). But with the inspirational shout of his sweetheart, Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens) and also with his team mate's eagerness to win, Troy regained his momentum and snagged the year's championship trophy.

Meanwhile, back in East High. Troy and Gabriella are reunited with their gang including, Chad Danforth (Corbin Bleu), Taylor McKessie (Monique Coleman), Martha Cox (KayCee Stroh) and Kelsie Nielsen (Olesya Rulin). Now other than the School Prom, Ms. Darbus (Alyson Reed) is staging a final presentation for the seniors students. Enter Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale) as the Drama Club president and Ryan Evans (Lucas Grabeel) as the musical's choreographer.

As everything seems to be perfectly running, confusion starts when Troy realizes that he is still torn between two careers: Basketball and Stage and found his relationship with Gabriella starting to bid goodbye as they see their future in different universities.

Now it is up to them to find out how this last days in their senior life will end. Will they go separate ways or will they ever say their favorite motto again: "We're All in this Together".

Disney Pictures proudly presents the third installment and the first debut in the big screen of High School Musical: Senior Year. After we witnessed their Sophomore years in High School Musical and their Vacation in High School Musical 2, the whole cast is back again for the senior's last days in East High. Its good to see that everything is new in this installment. The songs, dance moves, casts and even Martha Cox who lost great amount of weight and now the East High's Cheerleader.

Among of my favorite scenes are Ryan and Sharpay's "I Want it All" that reminds me of the musical "Chicago" specially with Sharpay's attire which is simply fabulous, the "Can I have this Dance" sequence is also a favorite because it once again filled the whole theater with romance between the two main lead. And lastly the reprise version of "We're all in this Together", which is remastered to be the senior's graduation theme song.

Two thumbs up to the set. If they've done it well in the first installments, they surely did much better in the big screen edition. Utilizing a major motion picture budget, Disney took the liberty to use this advantage to make the set and costumes more colorful and detailed. But off course, most of the scenes are shot on its original locations specially the East High High School. Costume themes are retained for most characters like Sharpay and Ryan who uses a pink palette and feathery accents while most character's fashions are updated to give contrast to their character and age maturity like with the character of Gabriella. Before, Gabriella are wearing laid back colors, more conservative type costumes but now, she starts wearing bright red, and half revealing outfits. That scene where she is playing a french maid will be exactly a fan service for all the boys out there hahahaha.

The songs are all fresh and I commend Mr. David Lawrence for creating such a wonderful lineup of song and dance numbers ranging from modern pop, contemporary pop, jazz, ballads and Broadway.

I can't say anything wrong with the acting. As always, every actor played their part well. This time I would want to give my praises to the new cast characters namely Matt Prokop who plays the character of Jimmie "The Rocket" Zara, Justin Martin as Donny Dion and Jemma McKenzie-Brown as Sharpay's assistant Tiara Gold. But I can say that Donny Dion's character didn't played anything so significant at all compared to Matt and Jemma who have well established characters as Troy's freaky fan and Sharpay's eccentric assistant respectively.

And the whole movie is nothing without its Director/Choreographer Kenny Ortega. His moves and ideas are brilliant. From now on, Kenny Ortega will be included on the list of well respected names in Musical history. He can't stop himself from doing new moves and dance steps that captivated not only the young ones but also those who are young at heart. As proof of his genius, he is already set to do a musical adaptation (remake) of Footloose with no other Zack Efron who will play Kevin Bacon's character Ren McCormack.

This 3rd installment bring the nostalgia of High School Musical's 3 year success. The Championship, The Drama class, The Spring Musical, The Cafeteria scenes are all brought back to life to the big screen with major face lift. For a High School Musical fan like me, this last installment (at least for the senior casts) really brings tear jerking moments especially the finale sequence where the camera focuses on every character's face just like what stage actors do after a presentation on stage. The curtains close and everybody in the theater bring a big round of applause for a job well done.

Whether you are a High School Musical fan or not, I still recommend this film to everybody who loves to sing and dance to the tune of broadway quality performance. Disney never failed to amaze us and High School musical 3: Senior Year is a movie that deserves to be included to Disney's lineup of memorable and historical film ever made.

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