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Totally Underrated: Sucker Punch Movie Review

Saw Sucker Punch last week on an advance screening but decided not to divulge my critic right away for some reasons. First of all, prepare to be surprised. Sucker Punch is not your ordinary femme fatale movie. Despite all the mind bending claims of Warner Bros., I stay safe by lowering my expectations. And yes, I'm caught off guard.

Emily Browning (Baby Doll), Jena Malone (Rocket) and Abbie Cornish (Sweet Pea) Working with Snyder
for the Dragon Sequence

The movie is an ultimate Zack Snyder resume. It utilizes all of his techniques that make him big in the past years on films such as 300 and Watchmen. His signature slow motion sequences, high detailed macro shots and surreal environment makes the visual treatment of Sucker Punch beyond what I'm expecting from Snyder. Then add to the good visuals is a magnificent and invigorating music tracks that amplifies the emotions of its respective sequences specially the scenes without speaking lines.

The girls fully loaded and ready for action.

Acting wise, the ensemble of cast didn't really need Oscar worthy acting performance. But I want to commend Emily Browning and the rest of girls for bringing the swagger in the house and proving that they are the new bloods that will inherit the crowns of the likes of Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore and Uma Thirman. The fight scenes are never dull and I know this could sound very inappropriate but as a compliment, I just wanna say that they really turned me on... so much.

Now, what about the story? The problem with Sucker Punch, its visuals and fight scenes are too good that some didn't even care to bother giving the plot a chance to grow in them.  Probably it is also Snyder's fault but this only proves the fact that most people are still drawn by visual theatricality than substantial plots.  Just like what I mentioned earlier, I'm completely unprepared. Zack Snyder managed to create a bad ass movie and at the same time creating something that will really bend our minds. I didn't expect Zack Snyder to be this daring to the extent that he almost challenged the quality of Chris Nolan's Inception. If Inception doesn't exist, Sucker Punch could be the movie that we are all talking about.

To be honest.  After watching it for the first time, I left the cinema confused and completely mindfucked. I really didn't get it. It is the reason why I didn't released my review after watching it on that advanced screening.   I said to myself, I would be unfair if I judge the movie just based on one seating.  I want to be sure if the story really have sense.  Initially my review for Sucker Punch is "it is a Movie on Drugs" because I really thought that this film is completely senseless.

But I trust my instinct and gave the movie a second chance.  Watching it for the second time and of course with the help of some online references, the movie makes a lot good sense now. Those who thinks that the movie is a trash.  Just admit it, you didn't understand the film at all. Watch it again and maybe you'll find out that it is a lot smarter than you think. Another tip, watch out for some subtle foreshadowing  used in the film and listen to the soundtrack, some of the answers are there.

So to end this review, Sucker Punch is the biggest underrated movie of the year. Give it a chance and watch it at least twice.

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Say wut? said...

I think the movie is brilliant, but in America circa 2011, no one will give it a chance. It is just too easy to go onto the internet and complain. Zack took a big chance with this movie like a guy at a craps table that has his last $100 on the line. The majority of cynical, mundane critics watching laughed when "7 out" was called at the box office and then dogpiled him in reviews. Again, that is to be expected in America these days (you know, the country where we sarcastically make fun of people who fail at things that we can never do ourselves).

Luckily there are open-minded people with imaginations like yourself who enjoy films like this.

Joriben Zaballa said...

@saywhut thanks. Though i still believe that every audience has a different perspective over any art form, I still take time at least to give my recommendations.

Anonymous said...

This movie is sweet and awesome... Its a great masterpiece, though few critics could ever appreciate Sucker Punch, its really mind-blowing... The plot has a twist in it and quite complex, with a more Alice: Madness Returns mix to it. This movie is really underrated...

Anonymous said...

The most unbelievable thing about this review is that you have 2(and now three) people in a row agreeing with it. I'm surprised there are not a lot of "Sucker Punch sucked and so do you" replies to this review. I agree that Sucker Punch is a mind bending thriller that people did not understand or did not put in the effort to understand. I think it may end up being a cult classic much like Donnie Darko.

Anonymous said...

Just watched it and i agree this is totally underrated and misunderstood. Deserves more than 33 on metacritic.

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