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Meet the First Family: The Croods

Before we travel back in time and discover the lives from prehistoric era, it is time to get us acquainted with the family that will give us a unique perspective on cave life and first discoveries. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Croods.

GRUG (Nicolas cage)

The over-protective dad.  The hardest working father in history.  For Grug, there are no weekends, holidays or sick days, Like most dads, Grug is fiercely protective of his family and his hyper-vigilance is defined by his "fear is good; change is bad" philosophy.  But in order to keep his family truly safe, Grug must learn the difference between surviving and living.

UGGA (Catherine Keener)

World's First Modern Mom.  Grug's wife.  She's every bit as solid and sure as Grug, but over their many years of raising their children together, Ugga has always deferred to her husband's authority.  When she suddenly finds herself in the position of being a cave-wife with no cave, Ugga is forced to make the right decision for her family even if it means changing the way they live.

EEP (Emma Stone)

Teen Rebel. Grug's seditious daughter is trying to drag her family kicking and screaming into the future. Her nagging feeling that might be more to life outside the family cave is confirmed when the croods embark on a journey of a lifetime.

THUNK (Clark Duke)

The Meat Head. 6 feet, 3 inches tall and 280 lbs 9 year old son of Grug. He always want to be a hunter like his father. He is one tough bloke. But beyond that strong facade is a not so bright kid who lacks coordination and strategy.


The Wild Child. The youngest in the family. Four year old and she is already as ferocious as a baby wildcat. In a wild and dangerous world full of savage beasts who is always on the look for her head, Sandy is not afraid to strike back.

GRAN (Cloris Leachman)

The Mother-in-law. Grug's old as dirt mother-in-law at 45. A devote believer of natural selection, Gran doesn't discriminate in who gets selected for what especially if it means she gets selected to eat.

GUY (Ryan Reynolds)

Pretty Boy Discoverer. A charming teenage boy who makes magnificent inventions like fire and shoes. He is a catalyst for change. His creative and innovative ideas ultimately expose the Croods to new possibilities and next, a new world.


This sloth is the world's first pet and companion.  It is Guy's best friend.  Belt may not have the ability to talk but his signature sing-song expression of doom speaks more than enough for it.

Know more about the family as they tell their story on March 22, 2013. Brought to us by Dreamworks Animation. To be distributed by 20th Century Fox through Warner Bros. Pictures.

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