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Leinil Yu Speaks about Gloria is a Skrull Issue

It seems that news spread very quickly. Last Thursday, I got a heads up from a fellow blogger, Azrael about the latest installment of Marvel's Secret Invasion where our President Gloria Arroyo is included on an array of Skrull impostors. Leinil Yu just got the news and got managed to find my Multiply site. He commented on the post and clarified the intention of the said issue.

wassup guys? This is Leinil. Nothing politically tainted about GMA being there. It's just a nod to fellow pinoys.

I will remain reticent when it comes to our local politics as it's a delicate and divisive issue (hehehe) but the list actually includes people who I despise (Kim Jong Il, Anne Coulter), indifferent and greatly admire (Colbert, Dawkins, Obama, McCain, Chris Rock, Cartman). The point was for the skrulls to relay their messages via the most recognizable and influential people in different parts of the world. [b] Take note that Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic and Tony Stark are there despite their established presence in the Savage Lands and non-skrull status. People see what they want to see:)

-Leinil Yu

I just read the issue and what Leinil just said is true. If you will look on that page, you will notice that the pose of all characters are the same (except for Paris Hilton who holds her dog). It shows that all the personalities on that page is personafied by only one Skrull and it is just a tactic done by the empire to deliver a message.

So it is clear that Marvel don't mean anything bad on this issue of Secret Invasion. We should be proud that slowly Philippines is having an appearance on their comics and maybe more local personalities or even local heroes might appear on the pages of this foreign publication.

photo grabbed here

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