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My Enchanting Cinderella Experience

It was only a week before the night of the ball. I'm broke and I have nothing to spend for it. I'm really getting so depressed because that night will be my only chance to witness and experience a magical event ever made.

Ok, I'm not talking about a literal ball here. I'm talking about Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella staged in CCP last August 19, 2008. And just as I'm losing all hope, here comes a friend to the rescue. She gave me a sideline that will pay me enough to buy a ticket for the show. Thanks Cheekie for being my Fairy God Mother that day.

As soon as I got my pay, I rushed to the nearest ticketing center and bought the 2nd most expensive ticket. I want to be sure that I'll enjoy the show so I choose the most convenient seat far enough to see the whole stage.

The day of the show came and I left work early to beat traffic. I took a cab to CCP and arrived 1 hour earlier than expected. I bought myself a copy of the souvenir program and poster. I skipped the CD since the only available that night is the signed one which cost double of the original price. I just bought my copy on record bars which is actually cheaper than the one being sold at the event.

The time has come. The doors are opened and the ushers advised us to fall in line. You can see all kinds of people that Night. All ages from Kids to Seniors. Everybody are very excited. We walked to the theater interior one by one. Another Usher inside the theater escorted us to our seats. And we all waited for the show to start.

The musical opened with Ms. Lea Salonga playing Cinderella working at home when the Fairy God Mother came and starts a very serene song entitled "The Sweetest Sound". It is really a very nostalgic scene where again I witnessed Lea Salonga after a long long time and heard her powerful and beautiful voice live on stage. Her singing prowess is really incomparable to others and indeed a pride for every Filipino artist and performers.

The rest are pure fun and not to mention Magical. especially the transformation scene where I really didn't notice when Lea changed her costume. But I didn't hassle myself thinking about the trick. I just let my second childhood experience vividly wander while witnessing the whole show that literally brings back the moments when my parents tucked my in bed and read Fairy Tales for me before going to sleep.

I commend Director Bobby Garcia for another work well done. I've seen Avenue Q and I have no doubt that he will bring another brilliant musical. After seeing this enchanted presentation. Surely I will be found watching his next project - Hairspray which will take center stage this coming November.

A great array of performers, a good repertoire of songs and it brings back the kid in me. This show is one musical that I will never forget. If I would be given another chance to watch Cinderella, I will be glad to take the opportunity to see it again. Though it looks impossible because they already left the country to continue there Asian tour, I will stick to the Cinderella's philosophy that Impossible things happen everyday.
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