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Movie Rewind: The Beat of Hairspray

Got up early and decided to watch a DVD. Among a handful of movies I choose to watch Hairspray that I replayed for almost numerous times. To those who are not familiar with the film the main premise starts in the life a plus sized Baltimore Girl named Tracy Turnblad who takes a step on fulfilling her dream to dance on a famous TV show despite her big facade. Tracy eventually got the chance to penetrate the local showbiz and discovered a more serious issue on racial segregation.

Months before the movie premiered, many critics said that the movie will eventually flop because of the cast. But this proven wrong when the movie received good receptions from musical and non-musical lovers.

The movie is also the shining glory of the new comer Nikki Blonsky who auditioned for the role of Tracy Turnblad. She fits perfectly in the character and she does sing and dance well. Too good for a plus sized girl. She became an overnight superstar and now set to star in new movies to come.

Compared to the broadway version, this 2007 movie adaptation gave a more lively face to the musical giving it a modern touch to all the repertoire and dance moves. Music is arranged with POP and Ballad flavor to classic Rock and Roll, Jazz and Rhythm and Blues.

I should say that this movie still rocks and will surely give those dancing shoes tapping. I personally recommend everybody to buy a copy of the DVD and don't let boredom stop your beat.

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