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Resident Evil: Degeneration Comic Con Trailer Launch

I just watched the latest trailer of Resident Evil Degeneration DVD movie. The trailer's first debut is at the San Diego Comic Con where the trailer of Wolverine movie is also showed. The bootleg version of Wolverine's trailer is available here. Though I will be waiting for th
e official release for a clearer copy. Back to the topic, as I was saying SDCC goers got the first taste of the latest offering of Capcom and now IGN makes the trailer available on the net.

According to the press release Resident Evil Degeneration's story is set in autumn 2005 where Bioterrorists manage to release the T-Virus in a US airport. The release of the zombies leads to an outbreak and the terminal is closed off and guarded.

The latest trailer previewed at the Comic-Con 08 revealed more of the plot that the bio-terrorist action forced the local law enforcement to lockdown the airport, giving Leon and the others 4 hours to disarm the situation or the T-Virus will be dispersed to every populated area in the US. It also appears in the new trailer that Leon will come face to face with a monster similar to the G-Type from Resident Evil 2.IGN has reported that Paul Mercier and Alyson Court reprise their roles as Leon and Claire, respectively.

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