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SM Cinema Snack Time Unleashes Batman v Superman Collectibles

Hey comicbook geeks, we got some new collectibles inspired by the upcoming comicbook event is coming our way. Courtesy of SM Cinemas comes Comicave Exclusive collectible figures for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The items is being offered through SM Cinema's Snack Time since February 29. You can get a Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice toy by purchasing a snack-mwrchandise combo meal at the Snack Time counters nationwide. The combo meal includes a popcorn tumbler and a drink set, or a hotdog sandwich & drink set.

Fans can have the chance to collect 7 variants of the toys ranging from the Dark Knight, the Man of Steel, Wonder Woman and even the villanious Lex Luthor.

For some who prefers wearables, SM Cinema Snack Time also offers limited edition Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Digital touch watch. The watch is waterproof and durable, and lights up on touch. A perfect accesory for any geek moviegoers.

Get your collectibles now in your nearest SM Cinema Snack Time before they run outnof supplies. Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice is coming cinemas on March 26, to be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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