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Stolen Photo used in Earth Day Jam 2008 Poster

The scam about byahilo's photo's being stolen by ABS CBN show Boy 'n Kris is already the current talk of the town ever since byahilo posted his grievances on his blog. Now a fellow filipino artist is currently disappointed upon knowing that her photo is used on an online and print ad promo without her consent.

Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao or Edj to her friends and fans is a well known model, cosplayer, musician and artist here in the Philippines. Though she haven't penetrated the local mainstream showbizness, her reputation as one of the most popular IT girl of Philippines is truly unparalleled. But the artists of the Earth Day Jam 2008 poster could be hiding on their caves for ages not knowing that they've used a photo of a well known personality without her permission.

Above left is the poster of the Earth Day Jam 2008 and on the right is Alodia's photo as a goth rocker. On the first look, from the boots to the guitar and pose it is pretty obvious that it is the same photo off course with slight alterations like the annoying globe replacing Alodia's head. It is also reported that the same poster is already printed and being displayed along the roads of Quezon City.

At the moment Alodia don't know how to handle the situation since she is also aware that the event is non-profit or free but professional friends had already advised her to get in touch with the events organizer to talk about this matter.

Photos from slumberdoll and blackmage9 of deviantart

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monsanto said...

Sa tingin mo ba? walang perang ginamit sa pagpapagawa sa posters na yan? Kailangan pa rin siyang bayaran dito o yung photographer niya.
Lahat may pondo, lalo na sa isang event.

Joriben Zaballa said...

yup, nabanggit na nga sa akin ni Mike Abundo. The event is sponsored kaya it can't be considered as non-profit.

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