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Iron Man Movie Video Game Armors Revealed

Got an interesting scoop about the upcoming Iron Man Movie Game. I just got the armor lineup including the two exclusive armors released for PS3 and XBOX 360. Among the armors included are the three movie armors, Mark1, Mark2 and Mark3, The Classic Iron Man Armor, The Classic Mark1 armor, the current comic Armor Extremis and the Hulkbuster 2. The SIlver Centurion armor will be an exclusive armor in XBOX360 console while the Ultimate Armor will become a PS3 exclusive.

We also got the latest international posters of Iron Man which I think are much better than the previous two poster with all the characters squeezed in one poster.

Iron Man movie will soon hit Philippine cinema in April 30 and May 2 Internationally while the game will be out together with the international release.

click here for the photos of the armor and the new poster

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