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2007 Metro Manila Film Festival Winners Leaked

I just came home after watching Star Cinema's Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo in SM Megamall Cinema. After five films, I think its time to retire and write reviews. Last year, I became so lazy writing reviews. So I think I need to catch up on some movies I watched last year. I think they are at least five movies. Plus another five movies from the film fest equals 10 reviews before the week ends (May God Help me).

On the other side of the news, I came across this wikipedia entry about the 2007 Metro Manila Film Festival and I'm wondering why the winners are already released in this page. Some major awards are already chosen on the list including the Best Picture (Katas ng Saudi), Best Actor (Jinggoy Estrada) and Best Actress (Maricel Soriano) categories. However, the category Best Director is lefft blank and the category Best Child Performer listed Jinggoy Estrada as the winner. Now I try to search for any other website that will support the wikipedia entry. As expected, I didn't find any pages that confirms the infos on that wiki. Now I'm not sure if this list is just a bogus list of winners or the real and authentic list that leaked in wikipedia. For what I know, the awarding ceremony is not until saturday, January 5, 2008 and all results should be confidential till that night.

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