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Heroes Season 2 Finale : Powerless

I hate to admit it but the current status of the Writer's Strike is really inevitable. This monday, Heroes will reach its 11th episode and the season titled Generations will come to an end.

Episode 11 : Powerless

Peter and Nathan Petrelli are reunited, but a battle erupts between them, Matt Parkman and Hiro Nakamura, set up by Adam Monroe. Monica Dawson is captured by a street gang, and Micah Sanders turns to his mother Niki for help. Maya Herrera learns Sylar's true nature when he kidnaps Molly Walker and Mohinder Suresh. Elle plays the hero to get back into her father's good graces.

Another interesting fact that I got from an exclusive trailer of episode 11 is two heroes are about to fall on the finale. The choices are Nathan, Matt, Claire, Hiro and Elle. And the trailer also shows that Sylar might get his powers back.

So far I'm happy that they still managed to give Heroes a good finale despite the fact they still haven't given justice the season's main purpose. What does Generations mean? We hope we could find the answers this coming week in Heroes.

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