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Disney on Ice Celebrates its 50th Animated Feature with Treasure Trove

Are you ready for a chilling holidays?   Because our favorite annual musical extravaganza is back.  Celebrating Tangled as the 50th Animated Feature of Disney, Feld assembles all our beloved Disney characters, from Snow White to Tangled on an enchanted treasure hunt that spans stories we all loved through out childhood.  Ladies and Gentlemen, here comes Disney on Ice: Treasure Trove.

Considered as one of Feld's most extravagant production of DOI because of the extensive number of characters they are including. “We’ve chosen some of the greatest gems from the Disney treasure chest for this production,” says Producer Nicole Feld. “We went through our entire portfolio of Disney On Ice shows, trying to bring something very different to audiences. We wanted to pick action-packed stories that really resonated with not only kids today, but with their parents as well. Treasure Trove has everything from the swashbuckling pirates in Peter Pan to the comedic duo Timon and Pumbaa in The Lion King.”

Of course interactivity will always be a very important component of the show and they have prepared surprises for all the participants.  “Crowd interaction is a key component to the Disney On Ice experience. We want the audience to feel as if they’re a part of the show, and that’s evident in this production,” says Producer Juliette Feld. “Rapunzel and Flynn share a special moment with an audience member when they release a lantern together, Sebastian invites everyone to be a part of the rhythm during ‘Under the Sea,’ Peter Pan and Tinker Bell encourage the crowd to echo the crocodile’s ‘tick tock,’ and Aladdin stops to shake hands with guests in Agrabah.”

Feld also wants to show how Disney developed from the first Animated film they produced (Snow White) to the recent (Tangled).  The show maybe an spectacle  for kids but for those young at hearts, Treasure Trove will become a Nostalgia overload. “I love the contrast between the very first animated Disney treasure, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and the most recent, Tangled,” says director Patty Vincent. “I went back to the archives to re-watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, so that I could appreciate the fact that we’re going from the 1930s to today in one production. It’s amazing to see where we came from and where we are now, not only with the animation but also with the storytelling.”

Personally speaking, I'm excited to see this.  This is my first time to see it again since I was 10.  I'm glad that Araneta never stopped co-producing Disney on Ice.  Disney on Ice: Treasure Trove opens on Christmas Day, December 25 and will run until Janaury 5.  Spend your holidays with your love ones with the magic of Disney, watch Disney on Ice: Treasure Trove.

For ticket inquiries and purchases, log on to www.ticketnet.com.ph or call (02) 911 5555.

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