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    First look on the suicidal squad and their new look.

Is this the New Godzilla?

SDCC is coming and one of the most anticipated movie that will be featured there is Legendary's Godzilla.  With the massive success of Pacific Rim, people's expectations for this Japanese Kaiju adaptation is definitely heightened.  Now from the good people of Collider, they shared some good first snapshot of things that will displayed during the Con.  And they probably got the first look of Godzilla's latest iteration.  See the photos after the jump.

Well it is a great improvement from the last Hollywood adaptation that is greatly based on a big Iguana.  And despite the fact that I personally enjoy it, still it is not the Godzilla we all use to know.  There is no confirmation from Collider if the statue above is indeed the final design but if it is, I will be so happy to accept it.

Stay tuned for more updates from SDCC because I have a big feeling that they will reveal some footage on the con.  Opening in May 2014, Godzilla is from Legendary Films to be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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