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Catching Fire Posters Released: 75th Hunger Games Quarter Quell Tributes

I'm not really all excited about this sequel because maybe I'm just too underwhelmed by the first one.  But recent released posters just gave me enough reason to check this movie out.  Pardon for not knowing but I will admit that I'm a Noob when it comes to The Hunger Games franchise and I just found out that Catching Fire will be talking about the special Hunger Games they called "Quarter Quell".

I won't really get in to much details about this event but it appears it is the reason why Katniss and Peeta are summoned back despite the fact that they just won the previous Hunger Games.  The latest Hunger Games is calling all past Victors to join again as tributes and compete until the end. And when they say past Victors, some of them are really surprisingly old.


After the seemingly annoying teenagers from the first movie, audience will now witness Katniss and Peeta fighting adults.  And that is a good sign for me.  That means this installment will be more brutal and more competitive.  Sounds exciting to me.

I really hope this sequel will not be a big disappointment.  Premiering on November 2013 from Lionsgate Films.

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