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Fast and Furious 6 Manila Red Carpet with Cast and Director is Not Canceled

Last Thursday, Bandila releases a statement about  the cancellation of Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Gina Carano, Luke Evans together with Producer Neal Moritz and Director Justin Lin's Manila appearance for Fast and Furious 6. But contrary to what is suppose to be a reliable news, Julius Babao is just assuming something that is not confirmed because the event is still on and will push through on May 15 according to Solar Entertainment, Fast and Furious 6 distributor in the Philippines. Watch the said announcement of Julius Babao below.

But after Julius Babao's attention is called upon by some fellow bloggers, he immediately complied to the correction. Not sure though how he corrected himself since I didn't saw the news last night.

The issue here is, do Journalists tend to release information that are not confirmed? I know that it is an entertainment news, but I will expect that from entertainment reporters not from top journalists such as Julius Babao. On that moment, it is like Babao is grandstanding. It is like "i have this information and you don't" moment for him. Just a big disappointment for the local news and public affairs industry.

Opening in May 24, Fast and Furious 6  will be locally distributed by Solar Entertainment through United International Pictures Philippines.

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