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Iron Man 3 Armor Reveal: Hyper Velocity and Silver Centurion

Through Iron Man 3's official facebook page, 2 armors from Tony Stark's proverbial Iron Legion is revealed.  Here are Mk XXXIII - Enhanced Energy Suit aka Silver Centurion and the Mk XL - Hyper Velocity aka Shotgun.

Mk XXXIII - Silver Centurion

Mk XL - Hyper Velocity

Of course both armors are homage to comic Iron Man suits.  Though the Hyper Velocity don't really look like the original.  Even the color scheme is different.  But I forgive them.  After all I don't like the original design of Hyper Velocity.

More Armors will be revealed through iron Man 3 Facebook page.  Sadly only US users can use the app so we non US users needs to wait for the other armors to be revealed.  Opening in local cinemas on April 24, Iron Man 3 is to be distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

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