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Iron Man 3 Armor Reveal: Red Snapper and Gemini

Two more armors are now revealed from Tony Stark's long range of Iron Man armors.  This time we got some interesting one.  See the full armor diagram after the jump.

Mk 35 - Disaster rescue Suit - Red Snapper

The Red Snapper is so far the most out of the box armor we see from Tony's armory.  Instead of a normal arm, the suit is equiped with a big mechanical extended arm.  Like the Igor suit I revealed last time.  This one is probably made for bigger lifting.  But according to the name it looks like it is intended for Disater Rescue missions.

Mk 39 - Sup Orbital Suit - Gemini

The Gemini armor on the other hand is the suit built for sub orbital purposes.  In contrast to the earlier rumors that this is the deep space armor, sub orbital on the other hand hints that this armor is just used for orbital surveillance.  More likely as a satellite.  Probably there is another armor taht can go further to space.

Opening in local cinemas on April 24, Iron Man 3 is to be distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

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