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Iron Man 3 Armor Reveal: Heartbreaker and Igor

2 new armors are revealed hours ago with Mk XVII Artillery Level RT Suit aka Heartbreaker and Mk XXXVIII Heavy Lifting Suit aka Igor.  See the full suit diagram after the jump.

Mk 38 -Heavy Lifting Suit aka Igor

Well now at least we will not call that Brute armor Hulkbuster because it doesn't really look like one.  Igor is more appropriate since it looks like a man with a hunchback.  Possible that this armor is used for equipment lifting back in Stark's HQ.  Replacing all his old fashioned robots we all saw back in Iron Man 1 and 2.

Mk17 - Artillery Level RT Suit aka Heartbreaker

More armors next so stay tuned. Opening in local cinemas on April 24, Iron Man 3 is to be distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

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