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Going Back in Time: D Wonder Twins of Boac Review

The first time I heard about PETA's D Wonder Twins of Boac, I immediately dismissed it since it is an adaptation of a Shakespeare play.  I confess that I'm not really familiar with the source material and I don't really want to pretend that I'm interested to see it.  But then I found out that one movie I saw before is actually adapted on the same play. So I decided to give it a try.

Basically the whole story revolves around twins separated by fate.  The show though focused more on Viola (Cris Villonco) who got tangled on a comedy of errors in the world of 1967 Showbiz.  It is a hilarious topsy turvy unfortunate events that makes her meet different people until she actually becomes reunited with her brother Bastian (Chrome Cosio).  It is an absolute laugh trip to say the least.

Just basing my comparison to another adaptation, I believe D Wonder Twins perfectly adapted 12th Night and successfully brought it to local settings in the late 60's.  The writers managed to match every character and created such variety of faces that illustrates the industry back on those era.  The only weird thing that I notice is the title.  To those who knows 12th Night, they will not argue about the misleading element of the title.  To Shakespeare virgins, they will definitely assume that the show will be all about the twins but like what we all know, the show is majorly about Viola's life while Bastian is missing.

Cris Villonco's performance as Viola is excellent to say the least.  Never really doubt her ever.  First time to see her play a male role though.  Not really perfect but enough for the character.  I also enjoyed Ms. Shamaine's take of Olivia.  The rest of the cast did very well on giving us an entertaining show making us laugh and shed some tear or two.

D Wonder Twins successfully gave us a serving of a classic literature at the same time it also gave us a peek back in time where the glitz and glamor hides the bitter truth behind local showbiz industry.  It is a fun ride all together but ends with a powerful eye opener to things we don't really see beyond the spotlights. 

D Wonder Twins of Boac ends its run with 2 shows today, 10 am and 3pm at the PETA Theater Quezon City.  Take your final chance to see this humble but intense show.  Contact Fred Fama (10am) at 09173163302 or Bel Pacheco (3pm) at 63) 9156216512.

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