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New Spidey Costume Photo Confirmed Legit for Amazing Spider-man Sequel

The Amazing Spider-man Official Facebook released an official High resolution copy hinting that this image is legit and real.  Excited to see the rest of the costume.  This partial view may look very familiar to all of us but I have a feeling that it will be a little different down under.  Let's hope for the best.
Comingsoon.net just released a very interesting photo of the new costume for The Amazing Spider-man sequel.  But I'm really having a lot of doubts about it.  Why? See for yourself.

As you can see, it looks like they are recycling the same costume from the Raimi trilogy. The only difference is they used the new and bigger eye piece that they teased these past weeks.  How did I come up with that observation. Well if you are really a Spidey movie fan, you can see how the materials and patterns look the same. I already learned how to appreciate the out of the box costume design from the previous installment but I believe a little faithfulness to the original will definitely do good for the franchise but using the same costume materials sounds a little lazy. Ok I will give reservations for this costume since Comingsoon didn't really gave a lot of details. Didn't even mentioned where they got the said image (though I assume if they say exclusive then it means it comes from an insider). So until an official statement from Sony and Marvel comes out, I will take this image with a grain salt.

The Amazing Spider-man 2 is set to premiere next year, to be distributed by Sony Pictures.

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