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20th Century Fox Releases International Poster for the Wolverine

With all the good news about the so called FOX Marvel Cinematic Universe, I'm getting excited how these movies will work together. And since The Wolverine is the one who will open the new dawn of Marvel Movies in FOX, all eyes are definitely glued to this new movie based on the berserker X-Man.  Now 20th Century FOX releases a new poster for The Wolverine for International circulation that features Hugh Jackman on a rooftop overseeing Japan.  See the poster after the jump.

There is also an animated version of the poster.  It is simple but I find it stunning and well made.  Check it out here.

I really hope FOX won't screw this one.  Because amidst all the hits and misses, I still have faith that we will get a decent and cohesive Marvel Universe on their territory.  Opening in July 25, 2013 in Philippine cinemas, The Wolverine is from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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