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Battle of Gigantic Proportions: Warner Bros. Releases Pacific Rim Trailer

I've been ignoring this movie ever since it is announced by Warner Bros. thinking that it is just another boring movie with a boring title.  Then some images are released with characters on suits. Still didn't got my attention.  But not until I saw the latest trailer.  Thank God I gave it a try. I think we got another epic movie coming next year that is worth checking out. Watch the trailer after the jump.

Pacific Rim is film written by Travis Beacham and directed by Guillermo del Toro.  The film is all about Monsters spawning from a dimensional portal under the Pacific Ocean.  Of course the human race needs to respond to this threat and that is where the Jaegers Initiative comes in. Imagine these giant robots piloted by humans battling these massive Kaijus (strange beast). At last, we got to see a movie with massive machines battling these abominations.  I'm so tired watching films where we can't do anything about these threat. And we also got to see the big potential of a Super Robot themed film.

Here are some viral materials released that includes documents and blueprints of Jaegers from different nations such as US, Japan, China, Russia and Australia.  This movie really looks promising and it could be one of the most anticipated movie next year.

Opening in Philippine cinemas on July 2013, from Legendary Pictures to be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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