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An Interesting Robocop Concept Art Revealed Online

As much as I refrain posting more unofficial set photos of Robocop because I rather wait for official press release to confirm all the things most people are ranting now online.  Of course you can't really blame them.  This is a cult classic and they don't want its legacy to be tarnished by modern remakes. But now I will be posting something that I saw online.  It is still not official but it is definitely a must see.  Judge it for yourself.

See.  The design completely resembles the idea of the original Robocop design with a modern touch.  According to my source, this concept artworks comes from a licensing video for Robocop.  That means that it is an earlier material and there is no word if this design ends up on the final drawing board.  With the rumors circulating that the first black suit caught on most unauthorized photos are actually Murphy still on his human form with a futuristic SWAT suit, then it is possible that we are still being deprived with Murphy's final Robocop form.  Do you think this is it? I hope so because this looks good and phenomenal. If not, I hope it is something closer to this.

Here are more concept designs from the same licensing video:

Looking forward to see more about this movie and I'm hoping that the studio at least give us some words about the production.  Please, we want to be informed.  Robocop is pushed for a February 2014 release, to be distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

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