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Wander, Survive, Escape: The Limbo Experience

So Halloween is coming and you want to start the season with a unique experience. Well I think I have the perfect event for you. Join Scribble Works Scariest Halloween event: The Limbo Experience. But I believe this is not for the faint of heart, want to know why? Here take a peek.

The lights will go out and the dark creatures will roam NBC tent on Oct 26th, the scariest Halloween party for me is here! we will get the spook and scare by just staring the poster, this is not recommended for people who have weak heart and a must go for people who want some adventure – wander, survive and escape, I dare you attend this party and survive til the morning. Its like being trapped in a bar just like in the movie – From dusk til dawn,or those Fright Night movies being trapped in a house and surrounded by demons and vampires.

Limbo is the 1st and it will be an annual party event this Halloween, check out the details below and step in the darkness then get out alive!

Are you up for the challenge? Then grab your Tickets now at the Ticketworld outlets or call 8919999. Wander, survive and escape with us tonight as we party all night wioth creatures of the underworld and the unknown. This is... the Limbo experience.

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