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Marvel Avengers Alliance Adds More Character and Costumes

This is really not new news.  Marvel Avengers Alliance have been adding new characters (Black Panther, Scarlet Witch et al.) on their roster and some new costume upgrades.  But this set of new characters and costumes are just too cool not to share.  And they are coming very very soon.  I'll start with the set that I'm excited to acquire.

Based on the latest Marvel Avent: Avengers versus X-Men, some of the main X-Men members are transformed by the Phoenix force in to Phoenix powered versions of themselves.  They are suppose to be five for they are called Phoenix Five.  Among the ranks joining Cyclops, Illyana and Colossus is Namor which is still not available in MAA and Emma Frost aka the White Queen.  But good thing White Queen is now entering MAA.

But I guess we will still need to wait for further updates for her Phoenix Five suit for she will be appearing now on her base costume.

The Future Foundation costumes for Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Spider-man and Invisible Woman.  Not really reading this comic book but what I know is this is the relaunch team after Johnny Storm aka Human Torch died (which is apparently now alive according to some friends, Oh Marvel).  Spider-man replaces Johnny for the time being.  I really dig this new outfits.  Maybe I'm just too tired of the usual color scheme of the Fantastic Four suits that it becomes so boring.

Iron Fist Gold-White costume = kick ass!!! Nuff said.

Jim Lee designs returns!  Cyclops' iconic costume returns as a costume upgrade while Rogue is added on the roster .  Sweet!!!

And if there is Rogue, there will be the ragin' cajun himself, Gambit.  Fans have been waiting for this character ever since MAA's first release and I'm sure everybody will be excited to recruit this character on their roster.

And below are some more characters and costume that will be added on the game.  They are not exactly lesser characters but it just that they are the characters that don't get my interest as of the moment.  But I'm sure I know somebody out there that will like this set.

 Valkyrie and Tigra

 Quicksilver and Havok


New costumes for Dr. Strange and Daredevil

Looks like Marvel Avengers Alliance is getting stronger and stronger as the time goes by.  I wonder how long this facebook app will last online.  With some game apps closing after at least a year, can MAA maintain its momentum and popularity?  I guess as long as their are comic books and fans who likes spending more time online, Marvel Avengers Alliance will never get old.  Let's cross our fingers on that.

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Pietro Maximoff said...

Looking forward to getting the Phoenix 5 costumes, Tigra and Quicksilver. Sadly, the alternate costumes are expensive. Also, why do they keep adding X-Men characters? Enough with the X-Men already and they should give us more Avengers.

Avengers Alliance Gold Cheat said...

Awesome costumes i like that :)

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