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Looking Back on Forgotten Memories: 13 the Musical

Do you still remember everything about your past experience?  Of course we don't really forget faces, important experiences and monumental events that occurred in our lives.  But some of us tend to forget details specially if those experiences are not so good. And I'm one of those people.  I can hardly remember my teen years.  Maybe because those are the times that people actually bullied me and considered to be on the bottom of the food chain so they speak.  But years past I regret forgetting those memories because going with my life without them is an empty journey.  Thank God, 13 the Musical came to remind me.

13: The Musical brings back all the wonderful (and horrific) memories of adolescence through a story that will strike a chord with anyone aged 13 and up. The scenes are familiar – featuring first kisses, blackmail, bullying, courtship, and many other moments of being 13 years old – but shown under a sweeter, more poignant, and more mature light than your average coming-of-age teenage story. Presented by Ateneo Blue Repertory, with a young cast who still remembers how the world looked in the eyes of a 13 year old, 13: The Musical is a nostalgic musical journey down the road of growing up.

It may sound like another High School Musical or Glee but the big difference is 13 the Musical's narrative focuses on the character's struggle on their everyday life. They are not singers, actors or glee club members. They are just like you, a regular Jock, Geek, or even that horrible bitch or jerk that you hate. With characters presented in their most genuine characterization, expect that you will definitely see yourself on these roles and let you reflect on your own past experiences as a teenager.

Of course it also helps that Ateneo Blue Rep's talents are doing a good job on portraying their respective roles. They always amaze me. RJ Santillan (Evan) is a natural and he plays his role with great precision and with full confidence.  Bernice Reyes (Patrice) is an absolute charmer.  Though I believe her character lacks character development, she still get's my attention not just because she is beautiful but she did take her role seriously and she connected to me specially on that final song. 

Another actor that caught my attention is somebody called Eddie.  I'm very sure that you will definitely notice this actor because of the cool dreadlocks.  But other than that, this actor exhibits enthusiasm and energy ever since the minute this actor steps on the stage.  You may think that hey, that is not so special.  Well wait till you find out that this Eddie is not your average actor. Eddie is actually a she.  I'm so impressed because it is rare to find cross dressing female that plays male characters that can actually play it without giving any hint that they are female actors.  In my experience, even some veteran actors can't pull it perfectly.  Nikki Surtida nails the part flawlessly and that makes her my absolute favorite in the cast.  

I've already said this before and I will say it again, Ateneo Blue Rep is definitely one of the best maker of great talents in local theater scene.  Thanks Ateneo Blue Rep for making me realize that experiences are still worth remembering. No matter how bad they are. Good job, Direk Toff de Venecia. I wish you will continue directing more productions in the future.

The show resumes tomorrow August 1 until August 11 at the Fine Arts Theater, 3/F Gonzaga Hall, Ateneo de Manila University. Please contact Aina Pacificador at 09175002462 for ticket inquiries.

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