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Erik Matti Unleashes Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles

I first encountered "Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles" during the Summer Komikon months ago.  To be honest I don't have any idea about the movie before Komikon and I never saw any previews.  But what really caught my interest is Erik Matti.  True that he got some low points on his career with such titles like "Rounin", "Gagamboy", and "Exodus" to name a few.  But he do have more projects that makes him one of the top names in local fantasy and horror genre.  Such films like "Pedro Penduko: Episode 2", "Magic Temple", and "Magic Kingdom".  Now he is back armed with another tale bringing us to the roots of our local horror-fantasy heritage.  Here comes, "Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles".

The teaser I shared is a newer cut of the teaser.  There are more awesome scenes I saw last Komikon. Though I'm not really sure if all shots will be used since I think back then they are still not finished with the editing. The story is quite simple but engaging (comic adaptation) but so far it looks more action packed than scary. They are also proud that this film is using high end special effects, building the whole film entirely on a warehouse and applying environmental cgi on green screens. Looks promising? Yes but in the end I still want to see this CGI blend with good performance and sensible plot.

Is this the movie we have all been waiting for all these years? I really hope so.  But I also wish that big network execs will not do any hocus pocus and intervene with the creative output of this project and just let Direk Erik do his magic.

Coming in cinemas on October 17, 2012 from Reality Entertainment, Agosto Dos and GMA Films.

Out-takes: Summer Komikon 2012

Dingdong signing copies of Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles Comic Adaptation

Lovi being interviewed by the media and talking about her kickass action scenes while pregnant :P

Me striking a pose with Ms. Poe

With Pareng Dingdong

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Unknown said...

I want to have a copy of the comic book since they released the trailer but until now i have no idea where to buy!

Joriben Zaballa said...

@christian ramirez I thought they already released it in National Bookstore. I'll ask again.

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