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The Amazing Spider-man Movie Review

Just saw Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-man last night and it is indeed amazing to say the least. Though to be honest, it is not the same feeling when I first saw The Avengers. It doesn't have the same wow factor but it is still a good movie to experience.

First of all I want to give rest to the question most people are keep on asking: Which is much better, Raimi's version or Webb's version?  I believe as a whole, both film franchise stands out on their own. Raimi's version is campy while Webb is more darker and dramatic.  I can't really compare the two for they just gave the mythos two distinct servings. We can't even argue about how one of the movie is more faithful to the original material because trust me, even this new film has a lot of inconsistency to the comic. In the end one thing is for sure, I'm happy with this rebooted film but I will still watch the old franchise without diminished respect (except Spider-man 3 of course).

Now the actors are completely different story. This is where The Amazing Spider-man excelled. The film assembled a fantastic cast who is absolutely much better than the previous one. Of course the one who stands out the most is Andrew Garfield who exhibits a much better execution of the character (Peter Parker/Spidey) than Tobey Maguire. Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker is more organic and not just a character who pops out of a comic book page like how he is portrayed in the previous incarnation. Garfield's Peter is an absolute manifestation of innocence and mischief, an embodiment of contemporary youth of this generation.

The new Spider-man costume looks a lot better now that we finally saw it in the film. Spidey now looks more like a creature than a heroic masked vigilante. This costume design combined with Andrew Garfield's skinny built created a somehow very organic image of Spider-man as if his costume is his actual skin.  I also appreciate how the production lessen the usage of CGI on Spidey. This is what I really hate about the first trilogy where most of the Spidey shots looks so fake and the routines are too synthetic. In TASM, actual people are doing the stunts resulting to a more realistic acrobatic sequences that you will definitely enjoy.

I would really be happy to discuss more about this movie but I believe that is already not necessary.  I think I know that even before you read this you are already planning to see it.  And even if I ask you to forget the previous Spider-man movie, I know you can't.  But there are things in the past we really need to let go.  For now, forget the previous Spider-man movies.  Watch Marc Webb's rendition of Spider-man and enjoy it to the fullest.

Now showing on all cinemas both on 3D and regular format, to be distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

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