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New Bourne Legacy Still from the Philippines [UPDATED]

UPDATE!  I replaced the photo with a newer version revealing more details about the scene.  

New Bourne Legacy still surfaces online featuring Rachel Weisz as Marta and Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross on a scene set most probably in the Philippines.  See the photo after the jump.

Rachel and Jeremy on the streets of Manila.
Just by inspecting the photo, there are a lot of sign that this scene is indeed from the Philippines shoot with that Jeepney in the background.  As of the moment there are no complete details about the film so we just need to wait for more in the following weeks or months. Set to premiere on August 8, 2012. The Bourne Legacy is from Universal Pictures, to be distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment.

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AurtisticLove said...

yes it was shoot in the philippines at the city of marikina

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