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The Amazing Spider-man Good News: More Lizard and New Release Date

Just like what we are expecting, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures is on its way to further releasing more marketing materials for the upcoming reboot The Amazing Spider-man.  And since we are asking for it, Sony releases more materials showing the Villain, Dr. Curt Connors aka The Lizard.  Below is a featurette that premieres the first footage of Connors' transformation to Lizard.

And below is promotional shot of the Lizard.  I admit that the face still looks a bit odd for me but like Spidey's new costume, it slowly syncs in to me and I'm getting use to it.

Now let's go to the next good news.  To all of my avid readers, you may have marked your calendars on July 4 for the movie's release on local cinemas.  But guess what, Columbia Pictures Philippines just announced that The Amazing Spider-man will be bumped 5 days earlier.  So instead of July 4, the film will be hitting the cinemas on June 29.  The reason is not really stated but I guess it is done to preempt The Dark Knight Rises' release in July.  I guess for me that is a good move and Spidey fans are already excited anyway.  So why delay.  What do you think about the date change?  Hit the comments for your insights.

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