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Meet the Guardians: Rise of the Guardians Roll Call

Last time I shared Dreamworks newest and upcoming project titled Rise of the Guardians.  Now I will be introducing all the guardians to everyone.  So without further ado, here are the main cast of Dreamworks Animation Rise of the Guardians.

JACK FROST voiced by Chris Pine

He is a supernatural being much like the guardians.  But unlike the others he is a loner.  He too is immortal, eternally young, charismatic, and smart.  He has an incredible weather control powers that he control with his magical staff; he can call upon the wind , storms, cold and snow.  However he is a spirit of mischief and chaos personified, that makes him unsuitable to becoming a full pledged Guardian.  Until the day he discovers his true purpose that will bring him to what is written on his destiny.

NORTH (Santa Claus) voiced by Alec Baldwin

Everybody knows him as St. Nicholas or his more popular name... Santa Claus.  But behind the typical belly-full-of-jelly character is warrior with heart that they call North.  Fierce, demanding, and impulsive, everything about him is indeed larger than life.  But among the Guardians, he is the strong believer that even the impossible can't stop him.

E. ASTER BUNNYMUND (Easter Bunny) voiced by Hugh Jackman

Bunnymund is a cool, calm and calm australian bunny.  A natural ranger, an in the dirt, rough and tumble protector of Nature.  He follows nature's Rhythm and when it is time for action he waits for the right moment to strike.  With the help of his enchanted boomerang and exploding easter eggs, he is completely unflappable.

TOOTH (Toothfairy) voiced by Isla Fisher

Tooth is a beautiful, elegant, blue, iridescent fairy.  She is a half-human and half-hummingbird full of energy and always in motion.  Her feet never touches the ground.  Everybody knows she collects children's fallen tooth with the help of her legion of mini fairies that patrol the whole world 24/7.  What we don't know is the tooth holds the most precious memories of the children and she preserves them on her palace to be returned to the children when it is needed.


The Sandman is the Guardian of dreams.  Although he doesn't speak, he communicates through his sands which he conjures and forms images and shapes.  Don't be fooled by his cuteness because behind that facade is a one powerful and wise guardian and a fierce fighter and possibly the only one who can match the Guardian of Nightmares... Pitch.

PITCH (Boogeyman) voiced by Jude Law

Pitch is the Boogeyman that resides under your bed and the sole reason why you are afraid of the dark.  He is the embodiment of everything the children fears.  But during the reign of the guardians, Pitch endures his dark times when children stops fearing him.  Now he is back together with his army of nightmares with a plan of destroying the guardians and bring back the fear to every child's heart.

The battle has now began.  Who do you think will prevail?  The Guardians or the Legion of Nightmares?  Let's all find out when the film premieres this coming November 21 from Dreamworks Animation to be Distributed by Solar Entertainment through United International Pictures.


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