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Jay Tablante Unleashes White Phoenix

And the wait is over.  Jay Tablante finally released his White Phoenix masterpiece starring the Queen of Philippine Cosplay, Alodia Gosiengfiao.

Jay Tablante: This was a dream cosplay shoot for me. I mean, Phoenix was a character I've been itching to pull off a cosplay shoot on. I've attempted Phoenix several times with a lot of learnings in the process instead of a final shot. But we kept at it, believing that one of these days we would be able to do justice to the character. After more than a year of researching, and imagineering... I hope this new attempt of ours would also ignite your imagination.

All of the elements you see in the shot were taken through photography. Nothing was generated in CG. We shot every bit, parcel, and what-have-you, then pieced them all together in post. We would be posting the behind-the-scenes on how this was done soon.

Make-up: Ara Fernando
Styling: Hannah Kim / Alodia Gosiengfiao
Costume Production: Badj Genato
Art Direction: Jason Drilon
Production Design: Jay Tablante / Carlo Sardez
Digital Imaging: Carlo Sardez
Model: Alodia Gosiengfiao

What I like about this photo is it is not centered to the model. It focuses more on the overall aesthetics and composition of the piece. It also caught my interest when Jay mentioned that the effects are not done in CG and everything is done on separate photography processes. I will be happy to see that BTS.

For more Jay Tablante creations visit his deviantART account or like his Facebook page.

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