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Princess versus the Queen: Disney Pixar's Brave New Trailer Released

Yesterday I shared a new poster and image from Brave that features the film's heroine, Princess Merida.  Now, Disney and Pixar proudly presents a new trailer for the upcoming epic animated movie.  But unlike the previous trailer, this one is more of a footage featurette that gives everyone of us a sneak peek of a particular scene.  Watch the trailer after the jump.

The trailer shows more characterization of the lead characters namely Queen Elinor voiced by Emma Thompson, King Fergus voiced by Billy Connoly and Princess Merida voiced by Kelly MacDonald.  It is clear that the King/father is the most tolerable parent in contrast to the Queen/mother who seems to be more strict.  And it is also established that the relationship between the Mother and Daughter is somehow on the rocks because of Merida's rebellious persona.  It is also revealed that Merida is being offered to be a bride to anyone who can prove their skills but of course the later don't agree.

For now everything still sounds very generic in terms of story.  It is old and we already heard it.  But I know that there are more that we haven't seen yet so I'm still reserving all judgement until all cards are laid on the table.  Set to premiere on Philippine cinemas on August 1, 2012, from Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animated Studios to be distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International through Columbia Pictures.

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