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JORITV: You're a Good Man Charlie Brown Presscon: My New Philosophy

Hello guys.  Just been doing some stuff outside blogging (yes I have life outside blogging) and I'm just about to call it a night and hit the sack when I decided to just post something for everyone.  This video is taken during the press conference of 9 Works Theatrical's first offering for this year titled You're a Good Man Charlie Brown.  The video features Tonipet Gaba as Schroeder and Sweet Plantado-Tiongson as Sally Brown. They are performing the opening number for the second act titled "My New Philosophy"which shows the character's funny yet  profound way of thinking.  Watch the video after the jump.

There are many ways by which man defines his or her pursuit of happiness. Spending time with family and loved ones is one. Hanging out with friends is another. But for Charlie Brown, his dog Snoopy, his lil’ sister Sally, and their friends Lucy, Linus and Schroeder, happiness may be as simple as “finding a pencil,” “pizza with sausage,” or “telling the time.”

This coming February 2012, 9 Works Theatrical, one of today’s most exciting theater companies, takes you back to those good ol’ days when baseball games, book reports, kite-flying and glee club rehearsals were all the craze as it brings to life the timeless characters from Charles M. Schulz’ popular comic strip “PEANUTS” via the Tony award-winning musical, YOU’RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN.

Charlie Brown can’t seem to win the heart of the elusive Little Red-Haired Girl, nor his friend Lucy, a bossy, crabby little tyrant who dispenses “Little Known Facts” and is convinced that she could be Queen someday. Lucy’s all-time crush is the sensitive piano-playing Schroeder who is an admirer of Beethoven. Meanwhile, Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s wise-cracking yet lovable dog, and Linus, Charlie Brown’s blanket-toting best friend, daydream all day as their friends battle with kites, school, and for Sally, Charlie Brown’s lil’ sis, getting a “D” in last week’s homework.

Told through a series of recognizable vignettes inspired by Schulz’s comic strips, the musical looks into an average day in the life of Charlie Brown and draws from the richness and universality of his everyday situations – making it the perfect family musical that will surely resonate with audiences young and old.

The cast of You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Top L-R: Sweet Plantado-Tiongson, Tonipet Gaba
Bottom L-R:  Franco Laurel, Carla Guevara-Laforteza, Robbie Guevara, Lorenz Martinez
On the left is the show's Director Mr. Michael Williams

Joining  Tonipet and Sweet on stage are Lorenz Martinez (The Wedding Singer) as Snoopy, Franco Laurel (Sweeney Todd) as Linus (Toff De Venecia on some shows), Carla Guevara Laforteza (Rent) as Lucy and 9 Works Theatrical's creative Director Robbie Guevarra (Sweeney Todd/The Sound of Music) now leaving the director's chair and taking in the actor's hat as the title role Charlie Brown.  It's been a while since the last time I saw Robbie on stage as an actor.  I think the last time is almost years ago on Repertory's Sweeney Todd.  He is also on Resorts World's The Sound of Music last year but I saw the show with his alternate.  So with You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, I'm excited that I will be witnessing again Robbie's acting prowess.

To be directed by yet another seasoned actor and director, Michael Williams (Peter Pan, Leading Ladies).  You're a Good Man Charlie Brown promises a funny yet enlightening experience for theater lovers of all ages.  The show opens theater curtains on February 11 until March 3, at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City.  For tickets call 9 Works Theatrical at 5867105, 09175545560 or  Ticketworld at 8919999.  Book your tickets now and see you all at the theater.

Now need sleep. Ciao everyone.

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