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The Chaotic Life of a Modern Teenage Super Powered: Chronicle

What happens when super powers and teen angst comes together?  Yep, it is a total chaos.  Much like the story of a group of boys who suddenly developed super human abilities after being exposed on a mysterious substance they found in the woods.  At first everything is just for fun but things get out of hand.  Now the group is on the run as they struggle to cope with their new found abilities and the destruction that it is about to unleash.

A very interesting concept but not so new since the idea is already used on some TV series that are all long gone.  So the challenge for this film is to show something new and fresh.  And possibly not to repeat the mistakes these TV series have done in the past.  I will definitely check this movie when it comes out and I'm expecting more from it.

Coming on February 2 on Philippine cinemas, Chronicle is from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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