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The Black Suits are Coming... Again: Men in Black III Trailer Premieres

After exactly a decade, the secret Paranormal and Extra-terrestrial agency is back for another mission.  Of course Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agen J (Will Smith) is back to reprise their respective roles still armed with high tech weapons and the patented MIB gadget Neuralyzer.  Sony just released the very first trailer and watch it after the jump.

According to the trailer, Agent K died so to save him Agent J jumped to the past to save him.  Hmmm quite a very common plot there.  And maybe they will also throw the whole mole/traitor inside the agency drama to make it more interesting. Men in Black 2 already ruined the franchise' reputation but I'm still having faith that this 3rd installment is a lot better.  After all this is the the first MIB film after a decade of hiatus and Will Smith's after 4 years.  I'm sure he don't like for this to screw his career.

To be directed by Barry Sonnenfield, MIB III is set to return on May 23 2012.  To be distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

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