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Shrek the Musical Manila: Atlantis Productions' last 2012 Musical

I was so busy last Saturday that I missed this news, but then again better late than never.  Atlantis Productions now reveals their last musical for 2012 season.  Manila be ready for Shrek the Musical!!!

Shrek the Musical Presentation from 2009 Tony Awards

To be honest I didn't see this coming because primarily this show didn't receive a lot of good praises in Broadway and I also heard that most New Yorkers hate it.  But off course we know Manila audience is different so maybe this show may in fact work with Filipinos and to the fact that the Animated movie is a hit.  Based on the youtube video, I think this show is a lot of fun.

Original Broadway Cast. Photo © 2008 DreamWorks Theatricals. Photo by Joan Marcus.
Now I already have ideas who will be playing the roles on the musical but I guess there is a possibility that Atlantis will be featuring somebody outside the theater just like in The Little Mermaid.  But I hope they will get the right one because this is a comedy and it is a lot harder than the other genre if the actor is not really a good comedian.  Now if you are interested to be part of this musical or the other shows announced by Atlantis, this is your chance to be part of it and audition for a role.  Here are the details:

With the growing popularity of theater, I guess all theater company is really willing to give people the best shows they can ever experience away from Broadway.  I'm so excited now for 2012.

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