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A Legend is Born: Puss in Boots Movie Review

No matter how film outfits says that it is all about creative growth, I will still see spin-offs, excessive prequels and sequels as them trying to cash in more over a franchise.  So to cover up with the corporate propaganda, the only consolation for audience like us is to see them deliver and most of them did pretty well.  But does Dreamworks latest offering, Puss in Boots get it right?

The answer is a definitely Yes.  I sat down last night on a special advance screening (Thanks to SM Cinemas and Solar Entertainment) and I was so thrilled that at last this film is already a reality.  The expectations are not really that high because I still treat it as your regular animated adventure.  I don't really want it to be better than Shrek franchise as a whole but at least better than the sequels that fail both of our fun and artistic sensibilities.

Would you believe that these are Jack and Jill?  Continuing the long tradition on Shrek Franchise of
having Fairy Tale/ Nursery Rhymes protagonists play antagonists on the film.

As always, I still admire the franchise' clever way of twisting Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes and how it really works as a single story.  At first I'm really worried about the movie specially when it is once planned as a direct to DVD release.  Good thing they decided to release it on theaters and give us the opportunity to enjoy this fresh and epic animated offering.  It somehow offers a different flavor making its mark on the franchise and definitely live beyond Shrek's shadow.  Don't expect any cameos or even slight hints of Shrek characters.  I even stayed until after credits expecting for surprises but unfortunately there is nothing.  It would be a treat to see any characters from Shrek but everything works just fine without it.

The movie also took a different turn on the humor department.  Now that Shrek and Donkey is gone it is either the film should create new goofy characters to become the comic relief or take the riskier path of going situational.  And Puss in Boots picked the latter.  Shrek do use situational comedy treatment before but most of the time the natural silliness of Shrek and Donkey leads the writers to go to the old fashioned slapstick approach of comedy.  It is funny and entertaining but in the end you will get tired of it.  Maybe that is also the reason why the succeeding Shrek sequels failed.  In Puss in Boots, they fixed it and minimized the slapsticks and even it is a big risk to go full situational, they shot for the star and went with the plan.  And it works, it works pretty well.

It is also a treat to be introduced to a new set of characters that beyond being fairy tale and nursery rhymes characters are multi layered individuals.  Among my favorites is the character of Humpty Dumpty voiced by Zach Galifianakis.  He is the character you will love to hate but in the long run you will still end up loving.  My least favorite though is Kitty Softpaws voiced by Salma Hayek because she didn't really contributed a lot on the plot and just practically served as Puss' female counterpart and love interest.  Nothing more.  I really hope they explore more of her character on the potential sequel.

Summing everything up, Puss in Boots lived to the expectations and gave more than what I'm anticipating the film will be.   Cleverly written plot, enjoyable humor and a lasting Legacy.  I'm definitely craving for a sequel. Puss in Boots premieres on October 28 in 3D IMAX and conventional cinemas from DreamWorks Animation distributed by United International Pictures Philippines and Solar Entertainment.

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