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Man of Steel Set Photos reveals more Costume Details

After the big reveal of the first photo of Henry Cavill as Superman weeks ago, new set photos surfaced online revealing more costume design details for this new adaptation.  And I'm really very surprised with what they show.

So here are the things we found out with this photos:

1. There is no brief.
2. It looks more galactic than heroic.
3. No Superman logo on the cape.

I want to open my mind with the path Zack Snyder is trying to accomplish but I guess it will take more time for me to get use to this costume design.  Well we are also culture shocked with the drastic change of Spider-man's costume so maybe this big change on Sups design can also grow within us.  Let's just hope for the best.

Slated for June 14, 2013 release, Man of Steel will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

source: wacots.org via CBM

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