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Lucky Star Premieres on Animax

Based on a Manga written by Kagami Yoshimizu comes a new Anime series in Animax.  Lucky Star is about a group of mischievous teen girls who always stumbles over silly situations and hilarious misadventures more often than not.   Anime fans will especially enjoy the series which is seasoned with hilarious references and parodies to the prevailing anime, manga and Japanese pop culture.

Based on a real setting in Kasukabe city in Saitama Prefecture, Lucky Star follows the funny antics and perky activities of four Japanese high school girls through their seemingly ordinary day-to-day lives in and out of school.

Meet the Characters

Konata, an athletic and intelligent girl too dedicated to her favorite anime shows to excel in anything but being an anime ‘otaku’.

Miyuki, the bespectacled living example of ‘moe’ (cuteness) who has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of all subjects.

And Kagami is a ‘bitter-sweet’ character who is tough but shy to Konata's teases and pranks; and her younger fraternal twin sister, Tsukasa, a kind but air-headed simpleton.

The popularity of the Lucky Star has brought more than 470,000 fans from across Japan over the 2011 New Year holidays to pay ‘pilgrimage’ to the Washinomiya Shrine. As Tokyo area's oldest shrine and real-life backdrop of the anime series, the shrine is where Kagami and Tsukasa work as miko (shrine maidens). The influx of anime fans over the years has brought more than 1 billion yen to the town of Washimiya town where the shrine is situated.

Catch Lucky Star on Animax every Monday to Friday at 7:30pm, beginning tomorrow, June 8!

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