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Worlds Collide: Shakespeare in Hollywood Review

Tomorrow until weekend is your very last chance to see Repertory Philippines' latest show "Shakespeare in Hollywood".  Just like Rep's previous show, "Shakespeare in Hollywood" aims to reintroduce a Shakespearean tale by incorporating the material to a more modern world.  Quite a good idea and adding comedy over it makes it very effective.  But does it  delivers?

In terms of acting "Shakespeare in Hollywood" is no doubt far more brilliant than you can ever imagine.  They got the best and finest talents joining the cast like Joy Virata, Miguel Faustman, Caisa Borromeo and Red Concepcion to name a few.  Then they also have a very talented director on board with Jaime Del Mundo who I believe is very dedicated on giving the audience the entertainment we deserve.

I also like how the set and light design is executed.  I want to commend Lex Marcos (Set) and John Batalla (Lights) for a job well done.  I remember asking the cast if the set will be big since the show is set in Hollywood.  They said I should not expect for that since this is during the old times where movies are shot only on sound stages.  But I was surprised when I saw the set for the first time and it looks exactly what I'm imagining it would be.

My only problem about the show is I think people who don't know Shakespeare's "Mid Summer Nights Dream" will have difficulties on relating to the show.  I for instance haven't seen or read it even once and I got easily lost on most of the punchlines.  Another factor is I don't know who the characters are except the 4 Warner Brothers.  They are decades far from our generations and obviously I can't make a connection to them. Unlike "The 39 Steps", "Shakespeare in Hollywood" might require everyone to at least know the basics of "Midsummer Nights Dream" to fully appreciate and absorb the material.

Catch the last shows starting tomorrow April 15 until Sunday, April 17 in Greenbelt 1 Onstage Theater. For tickets, inquiries and other information, call Repertory Philippines at 571-6926 and 571-4941 or email info@repertory.ph. Tickets are also available at Ticketworld at 891-9999.

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