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Sweet Charity Manila 2011 Cast Revealed

Just minutes ago, 9 Works Theatrical (Rent and The Wedding Singer) revealed the actors that will comprise Sweet Charity's Company and leads.  Most of them are quite familiar and there are also new ones (at least to me).  But like any other productions that 9 Works did in the past, they always don't fail to surprise me.

Good point number 1.  Bringing back actors from previous productions such as Sheila Martinez (The Wedding Singer), Job Bautista (Rent) and OJ Mariano (Rent) is obviously a good move specially that these actors did very well from their previous shows and people certainly wants to see them once again on the stage.

Good point number 2.  Newbies are also returning.  Rent's Mimi Marquez, Sheree Bautista and Ciara Sotto will be hitting the dance floor for another Broadway hit musical.  Both fairly received good reviews despite being new to the industry.  Now, are they ready for another shot?

Good point number 3.  If you really want the best, then hire the best.  Among the names that I'm talking about are Caisa Borromeo who returns to 9 Works Theatrical since her last performance in Songs for a New World and Miguel Faustman who are just having the final shows of Shakespeare in Hollywood for Repertory Philippines (April 15-17, Greenblet 1).  Both known for their excellence and dedication on their field makes them one of the most sought-after actors on the local theater scene.  I'm very very glad that they come aboard Sweet Charity and I'm looking forward for their performance.

Good point number 4.  Sweet Charity is a dance musical so it is just normal for the production to hire dancers.  And not just any regular dancers.  9 Works Theatrical are just so lucky to get some of the best names like Chinie Nepomuceno (The Wedding Singer), Francis Matheu (The Wedding Singer), Tasy Garrucha (Orosman at Zafira) and Anthony Ong (Xanadu) who are indeed the best dancers on local theater scene.  I saw all of their performances and I can say with full confidence that this 4 alone can captivate us with dance moves on stage that can definitely leave us intoxicated and breathless.

Nikki as Elle Woods on Atlantis Productions' Legally Blonde.

Lastly, this could be good or bad.  Nikki Gil did a good Job in Legally Blonde.  She actually surprises me.  Though many says she still needs a lot of improvements, more or less she did well.  I'm very happy that she is doing another major musical play because for me she really need to expose herself more on this genre if she wants to excel on it.  She is a magnificent singer but she still really need to further train her acting chops.

And here comes another newbie.  Enter Kris Lawrence.  A product of a talent show on a local network and since then he became a recording artist and a main stay of musical variety shows.  Yes he can definitely sing.  I have a copy of one of his album and I really like listening to it.  Now the usual question arise out of thin air: "Can he act"?  Well to be honest, I don't know.   I don't want to jump into conclusion because based on my experience this newbies specially artist from mainstream showbiz can really deliver surprising performances.  I don't know if Kris can do that and I don't want to judge him this early.   And personally, I trust the judgement and taste of the director, Robbie Guevara and Producer, Santi Santamaria when it comes to casting.  They definitely know what they are doing.

So far, Nikki and Kris' roles are the only one revealed and confirmed.  Nikki will be playing the title role as Charity Hope Valentine while Kris will be playing Oscar Lindquist.  Sweet Charity is set to premiere on August 2011 with venue still undisclosed.   Watch out for more updates as soon as we get more details about the show.

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Anonymous said...

It's in RCBC according to the website of 9Works. Sana hindi magiging blonde si Nikki. 'Di naman kailangang blonde si Charity eh. But other than that, the cast makes me really excited!

Anonymous said...

hey, ate nikki is the best she does improve and she proves herself that she can do it...why would it surprise you? she is really good at everything..she is good at dancing, singing, acting and many more you will see when this play will begin you will be kicked on your butt with the performance of ate nikki

Joriben Zaballa said...

Nikki is no doubt a good singer. Probably one of the best of this generation. But a Broadway musical is a different story. I'm surprised on Legally Blonde because I never saw her doing major roles on movies or TV before that. But she proved that she can do better when she did that musical in Atlantis and when her first major movie debut also premiered that year (The Red Shoes).

But still even the very good actors don't stop to train themselves. Nikki needs more and definitely she will become the best.

Anonymous said...

looking forward! sana tickets are not that expensive. mas mahal pa ang tickets ng 9works compared to atlantis. what gives?

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