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New Captain Barbell Costume Predicts Show's Fate

Months ago we have a glimpse of the new Captain Barbell costume on its full CGI glory on that GMA new programs teaser.  To be honest, it really looks good at least for me.  Then I get a hold of the official art created by the same comic artist who designed the old Captain Barbell costume, Reno Maniquis (Maskarado).

Captain Barbell 2006 Design. Art by Reno Maniquis

Captain Barbell 2011 Design. Art by Reno Maniquis.

Reno did captured the essence of Captain Barbell.  Though this time he goes out of the box and used new color concept.  Many people says it looks like Invincible (Kirkman).  Maybe.  But personally I can say that the layering of the costume is kinda common to all superhero tights design and maybe it is just a big coincidence.

Now when I say the costume looks good, that is if it stays as an art.  Because when I saw the photos of Richard Gutierrez wearing the suit, all I can see is a ridiculous looking costume that makes him look like a bloated piece of crap.  The costume is poorly done.  The material makes Captain Barbell looks like a cheap doll you can buy on the sidewalk.

I don't know what is the point of faking the muscles.  Why not stick with tights?  If they think Richard's body is not appropriate (ripped but not bulky), then why get him in the first place?

The design is good but the final costume material is a big fail.  I predict this show will suck.  GMA, pray that it is not.  I'll give it a week.

photo credits: philstar.com and cybeRhians fans club
art: Reno Maniquis

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