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The Real Face of Exorcism: The Rite Movie Review

We've seen a lot of movies about demonic encounter and possessions. Mutilated limbs, twisted joints and diabolical expressions. In fact, I think most of us have already outgrown this genre of horror in films because practically we already saw all of them.  Because of that, we stop being curious and afraid. Some even stop believing in it. But not until I heard Michael Kovak's story.

Based on a real event, The Rite tells a story of young man named Michael Kovak (Colin O'Donoghue) who after leaving his family's mortuary business had decided to get inside a seminary to become a priest. After years inside the seminary, Michael is offered to go to Rome for a chance to study Exorcism. Though Skeptic about the idea, Michael still accepts the offer. But when Michael attends the class, his professor (Ciaran Hinds) gave up on his doubtful nature and persuaded him to consult and be an apprentice of a long time exorcist so he can see this things that he doubt. Michael still smirking about the issue, didn't know that the priest he is about to meet is the only person that will single handedly change everything that he believes in. And everything starts the moment he stands on his doorstep.

The Rite is definitely far from your average horror flick.  I believe it don't even belong to the category.  It is the most realistic, modern and probably the most comprehensive take on Exorcism that I ever saw next to the film "Exorcism of Emily Rose" and could be even better.  It balances the supernatural and science side of exorcism by showing subtle thought-provoking signs and proofs that challenges our analytical minds .   This is where the quest for the truth starts that eventually lead to the film's main purpose which is to question one's faith.

Acting wise, leads did a magnificent job specially Sir Anthony Hopkins who played Father Lucas as brilliant as expected. O'Donoghue despite being a new comer on movies impresses me with his acting chops that will surely bring him to good projects in the future. As much as I like Alice Braga, I believe that her character is too flat, uninteresting and unnecessary and can be easily deleted without fracturing the overall plot.  Alice is good actress and the production should have given her a more challenging  and bolder role

You've seen it all before.  Now is the time that you see something close to reality. The Rite will show you the ugly truth about possessions. The truth that is far more scarier than what we believe and see. Because as far as this film is concern this reality is scarier and it will hunt you no matter how you hold on to your faith.

Got the guts to know the real face of evil?  Then buy a ticket now and catch The Rite on cinemas before it is too late.

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