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A Musical that can be Better: Burlesque Movie Review

Burlesque is one of the movies that I'm dying to see. Not just because Christina Aguilera is in it or the Legendary Cher is coming back after 7 years of hiatus on films. I'm more excited because this is a musical. As a musical lover, my love for it starts when I first saw Moulin Rouge! and since then I become fond on watching musicals mainly those from Broadway and West end. So yes, my expectations over Burlesque is high and I'm afraid that the movie disappoints me.

I'll start with Burlesque's good points. First, Music. The music is composed of tracks arranged and composed specifically for this kind of theme. The music enhances the film's spectacle, glamor and sensuality. And with a performer like Christina, it is no doubt that the songs are delivered with a groundbreaking effect that stimulates the viewer's senses. You don't even need to be a Christina Aguilera or Cher fan to enjoy their music. The moment they start singing, you will know why they became award winning performers. Another good point is the magnificent production design. Flashy, fabulous and colorful. The design practically brings back the glory days of classical Burlesque fused with its Contemporary counterpart from intricate set, sexy costume designs and elaborate hair and makeup.

But despite the good points, the film lacks some elements that makes the movie not as good as I'm expecting it. The film maker wasted time putting all the songs in the film. They should have edited the songs so that it didn't ate a large amount of screen time. The film becomes a big Music Video Anthology with the full songs being performed on screen. Don't get me wrong, the music is good like what I mentioned before and yes I enjoyed them but not all people went there for the music. And as much as everybody is concern this is still a movie and we need more scenes that will give more character development. Another big disappointment to me is the wasted talents used on the film. Allan Cumming and Stanley Tucci is there, and both of them didn't perform and sing. Its a big turn down for me.  I'm even expecting Cam Gigandet's character to perform because I know he is a composer according to the press release but nah, not even a single note.

Burlesque has the Music and Production Design that immortalizes the makings of an authentic Neo Burlesque but on the other hand it lacks the good qualities of a musical that is worthy to be lined up with the kinds of Moulin Rouge!, Chicago, Dreamgirls etc.  But despite that, the film is not a complete disaster.  It has a simple but very inspirational Cinderella-like story that promotes reaching out for your dreams no matter what.  I want this movie to reach a stage debut because I know it has potentials and it can be better than this. On the hands of theater writers and musicians, I know someday Burlesque will rock Broadway and West End... and I will be happy and excited to see that.

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