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Optimus Prime's Dark of the Moon Toy Reveals Trailer's Purpose

After seeing Optimus Prime on the Superbowl Spot, I started wondering where did he get that jet pack? Remember in Revenge of the Fallen, Jet Fire sacrificed himself so Optimus can use his parts as an upgrade thus Optimus Prime Jet Powered is born. But now that Optimus is back with the upgrade did this mean Optimus kept the upgrade and begins using it ever since. Possible because just days ago, toy photos of upcoming Optimus Prime Ultimate is revealed and yes this is the Optimus Prime that has the most anticipated Trailer in the history of TF Movie merchandise. And guess what is the purpose of the trailer.

Most of you may have guess it right that the trailer is a base of command or a weapons depot for Optimus but on this toy it is revealed that the Trailer is indeed the Jet Pack of Optimus.

Optimus Prime Vehicle Mode with Trailer

Optimus Prime Toy new Mold

Optimus Prime with New Jet Pack Upgrade

Though I doubt that it is movie accurate (which is definitely not). Maybe in the movie, the Jetfire upgrade is concealed inside the trailer. I think that is a very practical and realistic purpose for the trailer. Regarding the Toy, the Optimus Prime figure alone looks quite good and the vehicle mode with trailer looks awesome. But I can't say the same with the combined form in robot mode. Optimus Prime looks like a robotic fairy LOLz.

Hmmm it looks like TF3 is starting to impress me.  Now will be watching out for more updates.

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