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The Martin Harris Predicament: "Unknown" Movie Review

As much as I really want to be excited about this movie, several reasons prevents me from feeling that way. For starters, the plot is not new. I've seen a lot of movies like this that concerns identity theft. Some of my favorites are Sandra Bullock's "The Net" and even Columbia pictures' latest film offering "The Tourist".

All the elements of an "identity Theft" film is there. The lead is a tourist and he is on a trip outside his/her country and when the going gets tough, all of his legal documents are either stolen or lost.  His/her friends and relatives can't even recognize him and the big kick of the story is someone is already assuming their identity.  So basically the film is not so different to the other films who comes before it... well that's what I thought at first. Thank God, Warner bros. cast Liam Neeson on this film which gave me the slightest interest to see this movie.

Like what I said earlier, if you saw Sandra Bullock's "The Net", you will be dead bored on the first 70% of "Unknown". You won't even see Liam Neeson kicking bad guy's butt not until you reach the freakin' twist of the story. But it is definitely worth the ride. The twist gave the whole movie a lot more sense and a bigger picture to look into.

Diane Kruger compliments Liam Neeson's character perfectly. When he is so hopeless and lost, Kruger embodies the strong and confident persona that guides Liam on his quest for the truth. Having a female lead with that aura is rare and Kruger just nailed it right into its core.

So will I recommend this movie? Yes, definitely. Just be sure give the film a chance to develop if you think it is boring. I'm giving you the assurance that it will end with a big bang! I also suggest not to watch "The NET" for now because it will really make "Unknown" boring. Still showing on cinemas, catch "Unknown" directed by Jaume Collet-Serra from Warner Bros. Pictures.

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